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NHS Long Term Plan 2021
Transition, Integrate, Improve
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NHS Long Term Plan 2021
Transition, Integrate, Improve
27th of April 2021
Royal Society of Medicine, London

Govconnect are proud to announce the latest addition to our established series of conferences around the five year forward views.

The NHS Long Term Plan and its accompanying operating model, based on the principles of co-design and collaboration will provide the framework for local planning for the next five years and beyond. Existing commitments in the Five Year Forward View and national strategies for cancer, mental health, learning disability, general practice and maternity will all continue to be implemented in 19/20 and 20/21 as originally planned.

The new plan goes further than the previous Five Year Forward Views focus on cancer, mental health, diabetes, multi morbidity and healthy ageing including dementia. It also extends its focus to children health, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, learning disability, universal personalised care and more. It includes the largest reforms to GP services in 15 years, and will see funding for primary medical and community care increase as a share of the NHS budget for the first time in the health service's 70 year history, with an extra £4.5 billion invested by 2023.

The plan comes in the form of the NHS Long Term Plan, a new vision for the NHS which seeks to improve the quality of patient care and health outcomes. It sets out how the £20.5 billion budget settlement for the NHS, announced by the Prime Minister in the summer of 2018, will be spent over the next 5 years.

2019/2020 will be the transition year with every NHS trust, foundation trust, and CCG expected to agree single year organisational operating plans and contribute to a single year local health system-level plan.

In marking its 70th anniversary, three truths have been considered and accepted.There are many things to be proud of in terms of the enduring success and positive achievements in this period. There is concern around funding, staff resource. There is positivity around the potential a new plan can provide in terms of medical advancements and improved care and outcomes.  

As a condition of receiving Long Term Plan funding, all major national programmes and every local area across England will be required to set out specific measurable goals and mechanisms by which they will contribute to narrowing health inequalities over the next five to ten years. Our forthcoming LTP series of conferences and communications will assist in the coordination of the above in the hope that through knowledge transfer, increased understanding and focussed delivery, models of care can be improved upon and a more sustainable NHS system can be designed and maintained.

Early 2019 will see the creation of the "NHS Assembly" which will aim to bring together a range of organisations at regular intervals to advise the boards of NHS England and NHS Improvement as part of this "guiding coalition" to implement this long term plan.

Local NHS organisations will increasingly focus on population health with a strong move towards integrated care systems. ICS's are central to the delivery of the long term plan and seek to create a shared leadership approach to redesigning care. Growing out of the current network of STP's. ICS's will have a key role in working with Local Authorities. Commissioners will make shared decisions with providers on how best to use resources, design services and improve population health. The overall ambition is for a triple integration to occur across primary and specialist care, physical and mental health services, and health with social care. The target of April 2021 has been set for ICS's to cover the entire country, much work needs to be done to deliver this and our conference and online learning environments will seek to contribute towards these goals.

The unique Govconnect conference model and its associated continuous learning platforms will seek to ensure a smooth transition is achieved on al of the above challenges. With insights shared across all areas of healthcare and Local Authorities. This flagship conference will now underpin our entire series and inform the future direction of our already annualised  Improving Patient Safety & Care, Mental Health, and Dementia conferences.

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