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NHS Long Term Plan 2021
Transition, Integrate, Improve
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NHS Long Term Plan 2021
Transition, Integrate, Improve
30th of November 2021
Royal Society of Medicine, London


On 7 January 2019, the NHS long-term plan (formerly known as the 10-year plan) was published setting out key ambitions for the service over the next 10 years.

The plan builds on the policy platform laid out in the NHS five year forward view (Forward View) which articulated the need to integrate care to meet the needs of a changing population. This was followed by subsidiary strategies, covering general practice, cancer, mental health and maternity services, while the new models of care outlined in the Forward View have been rolled out through a programme of vanguard sites.

Covid-19 is the biggest challenge the health and care system has faced in living memory. Beyond the immediate impact of Covid-19 on health and care, lockdowns have caused deep damage to public finances and the wider economy. The social and economic consequences of the crisis, and the recession that is certain to follow, will undoubtedly have an impact on the population’s health and mental wellbeing, and risk deepening inequalities further. 

Looking beyond the immediate challenges of restoring services, the disruption caused by the pandemic and the learning coming out of this experience (both good and bad) offer a unique opportunity to renew the focus of the health and care system to create a better, fairer health system for the longer term. The challenge will be to grasp this opportunity at the same time as restoring services to achieve both recovery and renewal. 

The approach to renewal should build on the direction already set out in the NHS long-term plan and will need to be delivered through co-ordinated action across the whole health and care system. As part of this, efforts that were already under way to establish local place-based systems of care through integrated care systems (ICSs) and the partnerships within them should be redoubled, with local authorities playing a central role. 

The unique Govconnect conference model and its associated continuous learning platforms will seek to ensure a smooth transition is achieved on all of the above challenges. With insights shared across all areas of healthcare and local authorities. This inaugural conference will now underpin our entire series and inform the future direction of our already annualised patient safety & care, mental health, and dementia conferences.

The NHS Long Term Plan 2021 conference will set out the main commitments in the plan and provide a view of what they might mean, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for the health and care system as it moves to put the plan into practice post Covid-19. This conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from key speakers on the NHS’s priorities for care quality and outcomes improvement for the decade ahead. The programme will inform and educate delegates on subjects that affect their everyday life all of which will help contribute both to patients and the UK economy.



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